5:10PM thoughts.

"The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget."

The ability to forgive and to move forward shows how strong a person can be. Dwelling in the past and letting it affect the future shows weakness and fear. It destroys any possibility of progress and will only continue to inflict pain. Be smart instead of being afraid. Stay optimistic for life is too short to live in yesterday.

5 days ago on 07/23/14 at 05:19pm

Kobe 9 Elite Low “Beethoven”

Comes out on August 16 for $200.

I want these so bad.

6 days ago on 07/22/14 at 09:13am

9:44AM thoughts.

All things must come to an end. There is nothing in life that is permanent. Every relationship you have will come to an end at some point. Whether it’s your car breaking down, your pen running out of ink, your phone running out of battery or you & your significant other breaks up. They all end at some point.

All we could is to make these moments last as much as we could, cherish the time we have with it and make the transition from losing it much easier & happy. Since nothing is guaranteed, let’s not take what we have for granted. It’s much harder to accept that something is gone when you learn its value after it’s all done.


"If you’re afraid of struggle, then you’re afraid of growth. You have to go through it to get to it."

Fight til you can’t get up anymore. Quitters never win.

Game day today! Wish us luck!

1 week ago on 07/19/14 at 09:56am

2:18AM thoughts.

Once in a while, you just have to go for it. Even if you know that the risks are high, the feeling of accomplishment makes the reward ten times better.

Don’t be scared. Fear just stops you from progressing. You never know, it might just be the push you needed all along.

Jump in.

1 month ago on 06/10/14 at 02:21am